So, as you read in the previous post, I’m Nia and I will study Media production at Coventry university.

I’m from Bulgaria. The film education here is not so good. I was university student for 3 years and they thought me nothing. They didn’t teach me basics stuff as lightning, camera, sound and etc. I had to teach myself everything and still pay my tuition every semester. For Bulgaria 2600lv(£1300) per year is quite expensive. And for what? Almost nothing. I wasn’t happy with the education here, so I decided to move in the UK.

I took my IELTS exam, made my portfolio. It wasn’t so difficult for me, because I graduated with Computer graphics at High school, so I had several projects done back then and I made new. I worked as an assistant photographer and videographer and I had short movies and video makings of photo sessions.

And I applied in several universities in UK. I had unconditional letters from Coventry university, Birmingham city university and Worcester university. I was really happy.

So I decided to study at Coventry university. I knew it is a real good university because of my girlfriend. She studied BA Media production and now she’s studying MA 21century Media practice, so I had so much information about the course.

Now I’m waiting for my student loan to be approved.

I’m so happy that I’ll study in the UK. I can’t wait to go there, meet new friends. I’m waiting for my new adventure.

(Picture source: Internet)


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